Eighth Annual Diversity Summit

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Strong Community. Better Future.
Working together to promote multicultural understanding in the 21st Century

Act 48 and HRCI / SHRM Credits 

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Director of Business Development and Partnerships | AHEDD
Project Director -PA Business Leadership Network
3300 Trindle Rd | Camp Hill, PA 17011
717-763-0968 ext. 90191 | 717-763-0988 (fax) | 866-902-4333 ext. 90191 (toll free)
stacy.kyle@ahedd.org ; stacy.kyle@blnofpa.org | www.ahedd.org ; www.blnofpa.org

Ms. Stacy Kyle has been employed at AHEDD since 1994. Incorporated in 1977, AHEDD is a private non-profit organization with a mission ‘to serve the community as a catalyst in the employment and development of persons with disabilities’.  In her position as Director of Business Development and Partnerships, she is responsible for new business development, making brand building strategies and identification of potential market segments. She directs, establishes, maintains, and plans the overall policies and goals for a business development effort.  Her position is also responsible for oversight of data management and technology needs. Over the past 23 years with AHEDD, Ms. Kyle has been responsible for multiple activities that include such things as: coordinating and/or facilitating external public relations activities; gaining and maintaining knowledge of applicable system changes/legislation affecting employment programs; managing/extracting/analyzing data regarding the agency’s services and performance; and assisting with the review and implementation of Human Resource policies and talent recruitment activities. In addition to these duties, Ms. Kyle submitted a proposal in 1999 to the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council (PDDC) to start a Business Leadership Network (BLN) in Pennsylvania.  The project was awarded to AHEDD and officially began in January of 2000. 

Ms. Kyle was officially named Project Director; a title and position that she continues to hold to this day. Pennsylvania’s BLN is a statewide, employer-driven program designed for business leaders to promote hiring practices that enable qualified people with disabilities to enter and succeed in the workplace.  The PA BLN provides an employer friendly environment where companies have discussions, peer-to-peer, about best practices, challenges, and resources.  This network not only provides employers with access to a network of their peers, it also provides opportunities for training, positive public relations, an increased number of applicants with a disability, and a centralized source of information.   Since its beginning, Ms. Kyle has been meeting with key Pennsylvania businesses and business organizations to promote the PA Business Leadership Network, which is part of a national initiative that currently has about 55 BLNs in about 33 states. Ms. Kyle has a B.A. degree in Psychology with a concentration in Deafness from Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) in Westminster, MD.